Straighten your teeth quickly, safely and at an affordable price.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign® uses clear aligners to move and straighten teeth and work in the same way as fixed wire orthodontics.

It is a more discrete way to straighten your teeth and give you the smile you have always dreamt of.

It has also been shown to reduce the negative effect on your gums, which means your gums will stay healthy during the process, when compared to fixed wire orthodontics.

How Does it Work?

Step 1 Discuss treatment plan with your dentist and take impressions if you have good dental health.

Step 2  View your 3D preview of your teeth showing your final results and discuss any changes that maybe required.

Step 3 Get your invisalign clear aligners and enjoy your teeth improving over the next few weeks.

The Transformation Process

Start wearing your aligners

When you pick up your first custom aligners, your Invisalign Doctor will examine your smile, ensuring high standards from start.

Regular Dentist Visits

You’ll have check-ups roughly every 6-8 weeks to check your progress and collect your next set of aligners.

Your Usual Routine

Your Invisalign aligners are virtually transparent and easy to take out, so you can eat and brush your teeth as normal.

The Final Goal

A smile you have always dreamt of and deserve!

What Patients Say?

“Now I’m smiling all the time because i’m so much more confident with my smile.”
Laurie Elle 

See A Preview of Your Teeth

Click on the link below to try the iSmile App:

For best results use an smart phone.

Our Prices


Mild Cases

Mild Crowding
Relapse of previous treatment
£187.50 per month*

£2500 one-off payment



Moderate Case

Moderate Crowiding
Mild Spacing
£262.50 per month*

£3500 one-off payment



Severe Case

Severe Crowding
Moderate Spacing
£337.50per month*

£4500 one-off payment


* The loan repayments are based on 10% deposit to Ilford Dental Care followed by 12 payments of the remaining balance. The finance is 0% interest and credit availability will be subject to your individual circumstances. You must be over 18, live in the UK and earn an income to apply.

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