IV Sedation

Make your dental experience a relaxing and comfortable one!

What is IV Sedation?

Intravenous Conscious Sedation is when a drug, usually of the anti-anxiety variety, is administered into the blood system during dental treatment.

A lot of dental clinics and practices use terms such as “sleep dentistry” or “twilight sleep” when talking about IV sedation. This is confusing, because it suggests that IV sedation involves being put to sleep. These terms are more descriptive of deep sedation. Deep sedation isn’t commonly used, and is classified as general anaesthesia.

Conscious sedation means you are sedated but still respond to the dentist throughout the treatment. The added benefit is that it causes amnesia and will not remember the treatment you receive.

How Does it Work?

A drug called Midazolam is administered with a cannula needle into a vein to manage discomfort and anxiety during dental procedures. It can either be at the back of the hand or the back of the elbow.

After a few minutes you will start to feel more relaxed and all the worries about the treatment will disappear.

The drug is given gradually until you are considered sedated to an acceptable and safe level.

Am I Suitable for Sedation?

If you feel anxious and extremely scared of any routine dental procedures, sedation might help you deal with the anxiety.

However, older people and people with other health conditions may have an increased risk of side effects.

Your dentist will be able to tell you if you are suitable and offer alternative options.

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